Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Had a Sleepover! - September 5, 2009

Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Mo, & Uncle Doug

Mommy & Daddy, Aunt Mo & Uncle Doug stayed at Sprague's Lodge in Kinderhook, IL for Dani Lohnes & Joel Kroencke's wedding. They had this whole house to stay in. There were 7 beds available! Brad & Kris Lohnes were supposed to share the house with them, but Brad threw his back out driving home from Chicago, so they didn't come.

Favorite cousin Rick Lohnes with his grandson, Jace.

Dani & Joel were married at the Apple Basket in Barry, IL On their dessert table they had a candy apple station with lots of different toppings.

Father of the bride: Dan Lohnes & the beautiful bride: Danielle Lohnes

Garrett Lohnes - Debbie & Dan Lohnes' grandson (Brian's son) & Becca Lohnes- their daughter

Brian Lohnes & his mom, Debbie Lohnes

Grandparents - Marvin & Glenna Lohnes

While Mommy & Daddy were gone, I got to stay with Aunt Sissie K. I had so much fun! I've never played so much ball in my life! AND she has a fenced in backyard so I got to run free - I LOVE that! She took such good care of me - I hope I was a good houseguest.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow! Where Has the Time Gone?? - Aug. 23, 2009

This is the albatross "before" picture. Hopefully we'll have an "after" picture soon!
This is what greeted Mommy on Registration day at the High School. The kids were lined up all across the parking lot. They came at midnite to camp out waiting for the office to be open at 7 am so they could purchase their parking permits.

Doug & Ron

Ron & Chelsea

Chelsea, Kelly, & Katie

Mommy's cousin, Donna (Fehr) & Bruce Slusher

Stacy & Chris

Stacy & Chris Schwarz

Daddy, Mommy, & Great Uncle Les Roth

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boatin' - July 23 --> 25th, 2009

Aunt Sissie C & Bella came up for the weekend. On late Friday afternoon, we took the pontoon out. We LOVE that boat! It's such a nice relaxing ride.

We did have an uninvited guest jump aboard! These flying Asian carp are crazy! We opened the door & Daddy kicked him to the curb (or back in the river!)

Checkin' out downtown Peoria.

Bella found a "window" just her size! She loves checking out the fish, birds, & other boats.

This nice jet skier towed us until the fire department/EMTs took over.

Peoria Fire Rescue gave us a lift the rest of the way to the marina.

Daddy & Bella discussing the parts we need to order to make this toon reliable. Even though the motor wasn't running, we had a nice cruise & lunch on the water.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Uncle Les - Veteran of the Year - July 18, 2009

Mommy's uncle, Lester J Roth, was selected to be honored as the Veteran of the Year at the American Legion in Morton, IL There was a Veteran's Appreciation Breakfast on the 18th. There were about 120 people there.

Sara & Les Roth. Les was a sergeant in the Marine Corp. He served in Tinian, Saipan & Iwo Jima. He received the Bronze Star Medal for his bravery, courage & devotion for a hazardous task on Saipan. Les drove the amphibians - he took supplies to the men on shore & brought wounded men back to the ships.

John Bearce presented Les with a plaque.

John Bearce, Les, John Huston (sheriff) & former mayor of Washington, IL

Daddy bringing the pontoon home.

Capn J

Pulled up on the sandbar beside the albatross. Daddy anchored it there all night. (Mommy was able to get on without getting wet - me, too!)

On Sunday, Daddy, Mommy & I took the toon upriver to Chillicothe. On our way back, it just quit. Daddy poured more gas in but the battery wouldn't even turn over! Mommy did her famous distress signal & this pontoon towed us back home! It was a very smooth, quiet ride and the gas mileage was great! Another day, another adventure! We sure meet lots of nice boaters!